As an entrepreneur, you are constantly trying to think of approaches to raise and increase your company. Whether you are attempting to create a brand new solution, pivot your company model or enhance growth and everyday operations, then here are eight resources and sites which could help you become a more advanced entrepreneur.

Therefore, if you are attempting to create a brand new solution, pivot your company design or enhance your everyday operations, then here are eight resources and sites which could help you be a more innovative entrepreneur.  Here are 7 applications to inspire entrepreneur innovation.

Mind Map

Mind mapping is really a visual method of shooting and making up fresh thoughts. You begin with one thought in the midst of a webpage, then draw lines out to related thoughts, color-coding them. At the same time that you can certainly do mind mapping onto a whiteboard or on newspaper, mind mapping applications will be able to assist you easily arrange, save, share and collaborate with your own brain maps. Coggle is totally free mind-mapping software that is easy and user-friendly; it is possible to recharge drag and drop graphics and revert to old versions of documents. If you are a right-brainer, you’ll enjoy that Coggle resembles a genuine, hand-drawn thoughts map. But if you are more left-brained, then you may choose XMind, that supplies a vast selection of fashions to your head exports and maps to PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and plenty of different formats.  This is one of the best visual tools to help you be a more innovative entrepreneur.


Are you on the lookout for invention tools which doesn’t only enable you to produce fresh ideas but also enable you to determine what to follow up on and handle the entire procedure? Using OneDesk’s invention management applications, you are able to listen to what clients are saying online, conduct polls and ask questions to find out exactly what your target audience wants, get clients’, workers’ and spouses’ opinions and suggestions on your own thoughts; handle the creation process by generating and assigning activities, and collaborate with partners or sellers out of your company to deliver the project to life.


Would you wish to tap into a larger base of advanced entrepreneurs than you now have access to? Stop by Ideaken, where it is possible to place an “invention challenge” and also crowdsource answers from innovators your own choice –if it is your partners, vendors or people around the globe. You will have to offer you some form of reward for resolving your invention challenge, however, you pay the reward out if you are met with the alternative. Ideaken functions as the middleman, boosting your challenge into your preferred audience; you could track progress on the way.

This site is an actual all-purpose invention store, including a Resource department packed with videos, articles, presentations and webinars, novels and much more. Ask questions and receive responses in the Expert Q&A department, which also contains interviews with invention specialists. Locate innovation providers, like product design companies, at the Directory. Last, connect the Neighborhood (it is free) to share innovation with individuals worldwide and get thousands of posts about innovation from Community members. Navigating Innovation Excellence will definitely get your muscles bending!


Brainstorming is still one invention technique we are all comfortable with–at least we believe we’re. In fact, there are scores of methods to brainstorm, thus in the event, the way you are doing it’s departing you uninspired, have a look at MindTools ‘brainstorming tools (in addition to heaps of additional concept creation and creativity resources ). MindTools’ potency is its own clear, comprehensive explanation of exactly how each approach works, so if you are looking for Reverse Brainstorming, Rolestorming or even Starbursting, then you are going to know precisely what you’re doing.

Being an entrepreneur is so hard, however, and no matter how imaginative you’re, most of us undergo ruts. If you employ these tools to help you be a more innovative entrepreneur, success should hopefully follow.  Don’t forget to utilize the resources above if you want to get refreshed!


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